Monday, August 23, 2010

How the Latest Orthodontic Technology Can Get You Smiling Faster

SureSmile, the latest technology to hit the orthodontic sector, offers the most advanced way to get patients their perfect smile.

This robotic technology out of Texas gives orthodontists a full-proof option for treatment planning and design. Traditional braces use standard archwires that fit in the brackets for the orthodontist to manually adjust. The human hand obviously can not make the fine adjustments that the robot can - meaning your SureSmile treatment is more precise, efficient and pain free than a traditional bracketing system. With this technology orthodontists can take the guessing out of patients treatment plan as the robot has already worked out the timing of wire changes etc.

This system has been featured on the hit show 'The Doctors' and has made the evening news due to its immeasurable treatment benefits. Orthodontic treatment is a commitment of time, energy and finances so you need to make sure you're being offered the best care available. Old style 'train tracks' are not your only option - in fact there are many fast and precise ways of getting you your best smile ever - without breaking the bank!

Like any decision regarding your health, research is required, so ask around about the SureSmile orthodontic system so you can find out for yourself if it's everything that it lives up to be. There are several videos on You Tube that demonstrates the effectiveness of SureSmile compared to traditional braces. This cutting edge technology is being offered by 5 dentists across Canada and is gaining attention globally.

Cory Liss Orthodontics is a Certified SureSmile provider based in Calgary. Along with SureSmile Dr. Liss offers other orthodontic systems that address decreasing treatment time and discomfort. For more information visit or call 403-287-0746.