Monday, September 6, 2010

Want Straight Teeth - See a Certified Calgary Orthodontist

Creating a beautiful smile is one thing - creating a healthy smile is another.
Straight teeth are only one aspect of a healthy smile. Straight teeth that are in correct arch alignment, creating a healthy bite and dental system is what an orthodontist strives for.

Certified Calgary Orthodontist, Cory Liss, recognizes the need to look beyond 'teeth' by addressing the dental system as a whole. That means paying attention to other symptoms that may suggest the need for orthodontic treatment. Also taking the child's age in to consideration when developing a treatment plan means increasing the success of treatment.

But with so many orthodontic systems available how does an orthodontist know which system to offer?
Cory Liss Orthodontics specializes in offering treatment options that decrease treatment time and discomfort. This translates to fewer office visits without compromising treatment results.

Offering the latest orthodontic technology like SureSmile allows this Calgary Orthodontist to deliver a beautiful, healthy smile in a timely, efficient manner. If you're thinking of straightening your teeth start with a consultation and learn more about orthodontic treatment and the great systems available to you.