Friday, January 14, 2011

The Straight Talk On Orthodontics In Calgary

Calgary Braces Specialist
Calgary Orthodontists use many different types of appliances to move teeth.  Simple, limited tooth movements can be accomplished with a plastic retainer that simply pushes or pulls teeth in the desired direction. 

Movements are limited because these types of appliances do not have control of teeth in all three planes of space.

More significant tooth movements require braces (orthodontic brackets).  Braces come in many shapes, sizes, colors, styles and essentially act like small handles attached to teeth.  With the addition of the orthodontic wire, these handles slowly move teeth into place.  Currently, many orthodontists are moving towards braces with less friction.  These Self-Ligating braces replace the colored rings on every tooth with small doors.  Less friction means longer appointment intervals, lighter wires and less patient discomfort.

Invisalign is another exciting option, where clear custom fabricated molds are used to slowly move teeth into place.

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