Friday, July 8, 2011

How To Handle an Orthodontic Emergency

Truth be told, wearing orthodontic braces tends to be emergency free.  There are times of frustration due to a pokey wire or sore gums; but rarely is there a situation requiring emergency treatment.

Having said that, how do you recognize common orthodontic frustrations, and how do you handle them?

Common orthodontic inconveniences are:

  • Tooth and/or gum discomfort
  • Poking Wire
  • Loose Bracket
  • Lost or broken elastics      
Your Calgary Orthodontic Team will advise you of potential nuisances when your braces go on.  They'll probably give you extra elastics and orthodontic wax to handle broken elastics and a pokey wire.

Regular tooth brushing and rinsing with warm salt water will take care of sore gums and don't hesitate to take some ibuprofen (as long as you're not allergic) for any tooth discomfort.

So, most orthodontic annoyances can be handled easily at home.  If you have a loose bracket that requires recementing, then you'll need to made an appointment with your orthodontist, who will probably have emergency time set aside in his schedule.

Don't let the odd orthodontic annoyance spoil your experience of wearing braces.  Braces are creating a great smile and healthy bite for you.  Remember the positives and don't hesitate to talk to your Calgary Orthodontist if you have further questions.