Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Candy and Orthodontic Braces

Halloween, one of the most popular days of the year for candy lovers! But will your orthodontic braces stop you from having some treats?

Enjoying some candy when wearing braces doesn't have to be a nightmare. The first thing to remember, whenever you're thinking of eating sweet, sticky food is that your toothbrush needs to be close by so that you can give your teeth, and braces, a good brush when you're done eating.

Try to avoid Halloween candy that is really sticky and chewy - sorry no toffee this year!

The stickier or chewier the candy the more chance there is of damaging your brackets. Sticky residue will also make keeping your teeth and braces clean very challenging. Hard candy should also be avoided as the biting into anything hard could pop a bracket off - no fun!

If you're going to be having some treats this Halloween, try to chose soft chocolate, like a peanut butter cup, or something similar that will literally melt in your mouth.

Don't be scared to have fun this Halloween, but remember to brush and floss and smile!

By Cory Liss