Friday, April 13, 2012

Seeking Orthodontic Care In Calgary

Everyone knows what a great City Calgary is.  Ok, maybe our Calgary Flames disappointed this season, but hey there's lots to love about Calgary especially when it comes to Orthodontic care.

Calgary Orthodontists are Specialists in orthodontic care. 

They make sure your orthodontic treatment consists of the using latest technology and providing care that will make you smile.

Native Calgarian, Dr. Cory Liss, offers both Calgary and Airdrie residents with customized orthodontic care.  What do we mean by 'customized orthodontics'? We know that your smile is as unique as you finger prints, that's why we can provide more than one form of bracketing system to ensure that the patient's individual needs are being met.  Successful orthodontic treatment requires addressing the unique details of each case and treating accordingly.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment; consider having a consultation a Cory Liss won't disappoint.
By Cory Liss