Friday, April 20, 2012

The thought of getting orthodontic braces can seem overwhelming.  But the latest advances in technology makes the entire process of wearing braces so much easier.

Orthodontic systems like Damon Braces, InsigniaSmile and Invisalign know that patients are striving to straighten their teeth in as little time as possible; while experiencing little, to no, discomfort.

InsigniaSmile recognizes that each smile is unique, like an individuals fingerprints, and uses digital treatment planning along with specially made brackets and 'tailor made' wires.  This ensures that each patient's case addresses the unique characteristics so that the end result is a beautiful smile...that lasts.

At Cory Liss Orthodontics focus is given to offering patients customized orthodontic care.  This means being able to work with the latest orthodontic technology and more than one orthodontic system. Ensuring a great treatment result means treating each smile uniquely.  If you're considering orthodontic treatment, this Calgary Orthodontist welcomes new referral required.

By Cory Liss